Helen Brain

Helen Brain is a novelist and creative writing teacher.

Helen has written over 40 books for children. Also a creative writing teacher, Helen lives in Cape Town. When she’s not writing or teaching writing, Helen draws cartoons and makes incredible crafty things for fun. Her stunning new dystopian YA thriller ELEVATION is out now in Southern Africa with Human & Rousseau.



Human & Rousseau, an imprint of NB Publishers
(South Africa, Aug 2017, Mar 2018, Aug 2018)

Catalyst Press
(North America, 2020)

Horus International
(Egypt – World Arabic, 2022)

16-year-old Ebba van Eeden has never known life outside the underground bunker known as the Colony. When she is suddenly ‘elevated’, she must leave everyone she has ever known and join the elite on the surface. Why has she been elevated, and who is the mysterious great aunt who has left her a fortune?

As the last remaining genetic link to the earth Goddess Gya, Ebba is the only person who can retrieve the six missing amulets which will restore the Goddess’ power, and turn back the God Prospero, whose greed and vengeance has almost destroyed Earth.