About Us

The Lennon-Ritchie Agency is a literary and rights agency, and management company.

A small agency, we offer individualised care and personal attention.  We are dedicated to our writers in all aspects of their careers, and are committed to fostering and supporting both established and emerging writers.

The Lennon-Ritchie agency also sells International, subsidiary, and Film/Television rights for Penguin Random House South Africa, Pan Macmillan South Africa, and Duck Creek Press, New Zealand.

The agency’s writers include award-winning South African author Justin Fox (Whoever Fears The Sea, Penguin Random House; The Impossible Five, Tafelberg (SA), Jacaranda (UK)), rising speculative fiction star Fred Strydom (The Raft and The Inside-Out Man, Penguin Random House SA and Skyhorse Press, US), acclaimed YA authors Maya Fowler (Elephant in the Room, Kwela) and Helen Brain (Elevation, Human & Rousseau), and break-out European and Australian T.V. writing talent including Devin John Doyle (Rapt, Blinder Films/RTE) and Jon Dalgaard (Bedhead, ABC).

If you think we might be the right agency for you, have a look at our submissions policy, then drop us a line.

A Profile 3

Aoife Lennon-Ritchie is looking for commercial and literary fiction, smart speculative fiction, and narrative non-fiction. A strong point of view and a compelling, pacy story are essential. Underrepresented voices preferred.
Regretfully, no poetry, no short stories, no rhyming children’s books, and no unsolicited film scripts.

If you would like to contact Aoife (pronounced Eefa) about your work, please first read our submission guidelines here.
You can follow Aoife on Twitter here.
Link with her on LinkedIn here.