Legend signs ‘the most credible’ dystopian novel ever


Legend Press are delighted to acquire World rights (excluding Africa) for ASYLUM, the debut novel by Marcus Low. The deal was made by Legend Press’s Commissioning Editor Lauren Parsons with Aoife Lennon, of The Lennon-Ritchie Agency, Cape Town. The novel will be published in the UK on 15th April 2019.

Asylum was originally published by Pan MacMillan in South Africa in 2017. The Sunday Times (SA) described Asylum as the most credible – and therefore the most disturbing – dystopian novel I [have] ever read: a landscape withering under the onslaught of climatic change, the spread of an uncontrollable superbug, the posturing limpness of politicians and the vague helplessness of well-intentioned but under-supported medical staff.’

Told through the strange and mesmerising diaries of a man with an incurable illness,Asylum is an existential literary novel, set in a quarantine facility in the arid South African Karoo desert. The novel explores the quest for survival when faced with an incurable illness, part inspired by the author’s own degenerative eye condition.

Marcus Low is a Cape Town-based writer and public health specialist. He completed an MA in creative writing at the University of Cape Town in 2009 – for which he wrote an early draft of Asylum. Marcus previously worked as Policy Director at the Treatment Action Campaign, an influencial South African civil society organisation that advocates for the rights and interests of people living with and affected by tuberculosis (TB) and HIV. He remains involved in public health policy both in South Africa and internationally. His novelAsylum was in part inspired by the incarceration of patients with drug-resistant forms of TB in South Africa circa 2008 – something he directly encountered in his work. He was born in Vryburg, South Africa in 1979.

Lauren Parsons, Commissioning Editor comments: ‘We are delighted to sign this searing and engaging novel. Marcus is a wholly original writer and I can’t wait for everyone to read this brilliant and terrifyingly prophetic book’.

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The Raft. Fred Strydom

The Raft. Fred Strydom







THE RAFT by Fred Strydom

Captivating, compelling, and moving

On Day Zero everyone’s memory is wiped clean. No-one remembers anything, or anyone.

A mysterious and oppressive movement called The Renascence comes to power and forces people to live in isolated communes and to conform to their ideals. As memories of families and past lives start to trickle back, some people begin to question the regime.

Kayle Jenner has questions, and he’s punished just for having them. He escapes from his isolated beach commune when the raft he’s strapped to for punishment breaks free. With help from the enigmatic Gideon, Kayle sets out to find and rescue his son Andy.

Kayle doesn’t find it odd that the people he meets all have memories that help and guide him. Until it becomes clear that some people’s ‘memories’ are not their own.

But Kayle’s are. Kayle definitely remembers Andy. And he’s going to find him.

Published in South Africa by Umuzi, Penguin Random House. Published in the US by Skyhorse Publishing

Jon Dalgaard

Jon Dalgaard is a Danish-Australian creator and screenwriter working mainly in comedy and children’s animation.

Jon is the co-creator of BedHead, a comedy pilot aired by the Australian Broadcast Corporation in 2015. The initial web series of BedHead garnered well over 100,000 online views and has since been nominated for ‘Best Comedy’ at the Melbourne Web Fest.

Prior to this, Jon was commissioned to develop a pilot and show bible for Cartoon Network Studios, and has written for LEGO. He freelances as a trusted industry script reader and story analyst for clients in Australia, Europe and the US, including for eOne, Lionsgate and StudioCanal.

Jon is a screenwriting graduate from the Australian Film Television & Radio School and holds a film degree from the University of East Anglia where he also studied Creative Writing.

Before becoming a writer he worked in film development, production and distribution. He worked for international film studio Lionsgate in both London and Sydney, releasing internationally renowned media properties such as ‘Good Night and Good Luck’, ‘3:10 To Yuma’, ‘The Lives of Others’ and ‘Mad Men’.

Please contact Aoife with enquiries about Jon’s shows and his availability as a staff writer.

Karretjie MenseCarol Campbell’s sumptuous novels ‘n Huis vir Esther and Karretjiemense have been optioned by legendary South African film maker Koos Roets in a co-production arrangement with distinguished theatre director Andre Stolz.

The directors intend to shoot both films back to back. Mr. Roets will direct ‘n Huis vir Esther and act as Director of Photography on Karretjiemense. Mr. Stolz will direct Karretjiemense, and act as production manager on ‘n Huis vir Esther.

Mr. Roets has been a formidable figure in South Africa’s film industry for 51 years, during which he has won an impressive 33 awards, mostly for directing and cinematography. It will be wonderful to see his collaboration with Mr. Stolz, is a well known director, producer and actor. Both men are celebrated for being ‘hands on’ and very passionate about their projects, and have adapted the material themselves.

Author, Carol Campbell is known for crafting heartbreaking stories which are simultaneously poignant and hopeful. She has a masterful ability to inflict and build tension, and to create characters with voices that ‘take hold of you… and never let go.’ Taking her work to screen presents a beautiful challenge for any filmmaker.

The deal for the film rights was negotiated by The Lennon-Ritchie agency on behalf of Penguin Random House South Africa.

Fred Strydom’s post-apocalyptic novel, THE RAFT, to be published in the United States.

The RaftPublishing rights for THE RAFT, Fred Strydom’s highly anticipated debut novel, have just been sold to SkyHorse Publishing in North America.

The novel was published by Umuzi in South Africa at the beginning of April, and was the subject of a multi-party auction, with SkyHorse securing the rights just ahead of the London Book Fair. The deal was negotiated by the Lennon-Ritchie Agency on behalf of Umuzi.

THE RAFT is set in a world of civilizational collapse, following a single devastating moment where humankind collectively loses its memory. For the novel’s main character, Kayle Jenner, all that is left of his past are the haunting visions of a boy he believes to be his son. Jenner embarks on a voyage across a broken world to find the boy. What he discovers on his journey is breathtaking.

Editor Cory Allyn of Skyhorse Publishing described the spellbinding novel as: “Lost meets Life of Pi meets The Road.”

Watch the captivating book trailer here

View: Jon Dalgaard’s teaser trailer of the hilarious upcoming BEDHEAD series

Jon Dalgaard and Claire Phillips, with team Ben Mathews, Reece Aleister Jones and Tom Keele recently created the hilarious sex-comedy BEDHEAD as part of the Fresh Blood initiative. Below is a little teaser of what is still to come….


If you are located in Australia, please click here to watch the first episode of this exciting series.

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Samantha Reynolds: Q&A with Justin Fox.

Justin Fox

Justin Fox

“When I was six, my parents took me to Europe. I’ve never recovered from the thrill of that journey. It’s the reason I can’t ever sit still and have pursued a life of travel writing.”

-Justin Fox

Read Samantha Reynolds’ beautiful interview with Justin Fox here.

Justin has recently published his highly acclaimed WHOEVER FEARS THE SEA.

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