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by Alex Smith

Wryly sinister with a quirky, vulnerable heroine

Apparently obnoxious and spoilt-rotten, Erin Dearlove has to move in with her bohemian aunt Kate. At first she struggles to adapt to the new lifestyle, but Erin soon starts to come out of her shell, mostly because of her blossoming friendship with the upstairs neighbour, Mister

Devilskein, in apartme
nt 6616.

Erin who has an unspeakable secret of her own discovers that Mr Devilskein is the keeper of six mysterious doors, each leading on to six more doors and so on. He entrusts her with the keys for the Turquoise do
or, which leads to among things, an ocean cabinet, the lost works of William Shakespeare, and a beautiful Chinese garden.

During her adventures in apartment 6616, Erin befriends a cricket named Zhou, and discovers a miserable prisoner named Julius Monk and his Book of Dooms. It’s this friendship with the demon Julius that ultimately leads to Erin breaking her promise to Mr Devilskein, the devastation that follows, and also her bartering her soul to save the lives of those she’s grown to love.