Mbali Njomane

Mbali is a proud South African with over ten years of experience in Social Innovation.

In 2010 she left law school to study Social Entrepreneurship at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS). She has since mentored entrepreneurs from under-resourced backgrounds (The Awethu Project), helped to develop exceptional young leaders from across the African Continent (African Leadership Academy) and worked with South African companies and schools to carry out meaningful engagements and strategies around Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (Cohesion Collective).

In 2016 Mbali produced and hosted a podcast on to shine a light on the untapped value of South Africa’s domestic workers (housekeepers) as innovators and social commentators. During her time at she also hosted a series on Unconscious Bias as a contributor on the Gareth Cliff Show.

Since 2019 Mbali has worked on writing and publishing Prejudic-tionary, the world’s first dictionary of stereotypes. The platform is designed to dismantle prejudiced thinking by unpacking harmful stereotypes (in areas such as race, gender, sexual orientation, and nationality) in a concise and effective format.

Mbali is passionate about unleashing the incredible human potential arrested by the cycles of generational prejudice and stigma. She believes our greatest wealth resides within human beings, as the world can be remade in the hearts and minds of each individual.