David Bourke

David Bourke is an illustrator and graphic designer with more than twenty years experience. David has spent the last four years freelancing and being a stay at home Dad. Reading hundreds of children’s books to his daughter inspired him to create one of his own.

David wrote and illustrated his debut picture book Tina Tadpole: Witch in Training (Imaginary House 2017).

Tina tries her very best not to act out at school, but, she’s a little … different, and sometimes she can’t help it.

A clever frog once said it isn’t easy being green. You might think all witches have green skin, but actually only one in a thousand witches does. There is only one green-skinned witch at Miss Blackwing’s school: Tina. That’s how Tina Catchpole became known as Tina Tadpole. Being different isn’t easy, until you remember, in their own way, everyone’s different.

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